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DOUGLAS COUNTY REAL ESTATE SALE Separate – Superior Telegram

by Kianna Warburton
tags are an essential part of HTML coding and are used to define a division or section in a document. They are often used to group together related elements or content. In this particular article snippet, the

tags are used to enclose a piece of text that contains information about a real estate sale in Douglas County.

The article begins by stating that separate sealed bids are being accepted for the sale of various parcels of land in Douglas County. The bids must be submitted to the County Clerk’s Office by a certain deadline and will be opened at a later date. The conditions of the bid/sale are then listed, including the requirement for bids to be made on an official bid blank obtained from the County Clerk’s Office. The minimum bid amount for each parcel is also specified.

The article goes on to outline the criteria that will be used to evaluate and award the bids, such as dollar value, prospective use of the property, and prior ownership. It is stated that all mineral rights are reserved by Douglas County and that it is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure compliance with zoning ordinances and wetland laws.

Other important information mentioned in the article includes the transfer of title by Quit Claim Deed (which does not provide a warranty of clear title), potential stormwater utility fees or sewage fees owed on certain properties, and the responsibility of the purchaser for current year real estate taxes or special assessments.

The article concludes by providing specific details about two vacant rural bids, including the zoning, minimum bid amounts, and parcel identification numbers.

Overall, this snippet of an article serves as a notice to interested buyers about a real estate sale in Douglas County. It provides information on the bidding process, conditions, and criteria for evaluation. The use of the

tags simply helps to contain and structure the text within the larger HTML document.

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