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Donald Trump fraud ruling could spell doom for his New York business empire

by Stella Morgan

Donald Trump’s New York business empire, which has long been synonymous with his image as a successful real estate tycoon, may be at risk of slipping from his grasp. A New York Supreme Court judge recently ruled that Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, had “repeatedly” violated state fraud laws. As part of the ruling, the judge ordered that the business certificates for Trump’s New York companies be canceled, and appointed three potential independent receivers to oversee the dissolution of the canceled limited liability companies associated with Trump and his organization.

If this ruling stands, it could strip Trump of his authority to make strategic and financial decisions over some of his key properties in the state of New York. This includes properties like his flagship Manhattan commercial property at 40 Wall Street and his Westchester County estate Seven Springs. Legal experts believe that this decision is “substantially damaging” to Trump’s business interests and that the court-appointed receiver will manage the properties until they are disposed of.

The ruling also means that Trump and his family no longer have legal authority to operate their businesses. Instead, the court-appointed receiver will handle the affairs of the businesses, including selling off assets and paying creditors. This is a significant blow to Trump’s business empire and could have long-lasting consequences if the ruling is not successfully appealed.

Trump’s attorney and legal spokesperson for his Save America PAC, Alina Habba, called the judge’s ruling “fundamentally flawed” and stated that they would immediately appeal the decision. However, if the ruling stands, it could have severe implications for Trump’s businesses, potentially forcing him to sell off assets and dissolve certain entities.

One of the key questions raised by the ruling is which properties or businesses would be affected. Trump’s lawyer raised concerns about whether physical assets like 40 Wall Street would be sold or simply managed by the court-appointed monitor. The judge indicated that these details would be determined by the independent monitor. Barbara S. Jones, a former U.S. District Court judge, has been appointed as the independent monitor for the Trump Organization, but it remains unclear if she will oversee the dissolution of Trump’s business entities as well.

Overall, this ruling represents a significant setback for Donald Trump and his New York business empire. The cancellation of business certificates and the appointment of independent receivers could result in the loss of authority and control over his properties, making it necessary to sell off assets and dissolve certain entities. Trump’s legal team intends to appeal the decision, but if unsuccessful, it could mark a turning point in Trump’s business career.

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