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Del Mar Plaza to add Cottage brunch spot, speciality gourmet market next year

by Clarence Jones

Del Mar Plaza, a popular shopping and dining destination in Del Mar, California, is set to welcome two new tenants next year. Valley Farm Market and The Cottage, both well-known establishments, will be joining the plaza and offering their unique offerings to visitors.

Valley Farm Market is a specialty gourmet market and butcher shop that has gained a loyal following over the years. Founded in 1956 by Felix “Curly” and Eleanor Marso, the market offers a wide range of local foods, fresh produce, premium pantry staples, and award-winning meats and marinades. Currently operated by their grandson Derek Marso, the family opened its second market location in La Jolla in 2019. Plans for the new market include a deli-style eatery concept that will serve daily prepared dishes and freshly caught seafood, providing patrons with a delightful culinary experience.

The Cottage, a breakfast and brunch specialist originating from La Jolla, will also be opening its doors at Del Mar Plaza. The eatery, which has been a La Jolla breakfast destination since 1992, is known for its delicious offerings such as stuffed French toast and Capellini crab cakes. Co-owned by founder Jason Peaslee and Bernardo Kanarek, The Cottage recently opened an Encinitas outpost and will now be expanding to Del Mar, marking its third location. The restaurant’s popularity and reputation for serving delectable breakfast dishes make it an exciting addition to the plaza’s dining options.

Owner Patricia Brutten of Brixton Capital, the company that owns Del Mar Plaza, expressed enthusiasm about the new additions. She stated, “Valley Farm Market and The Cottage embody the future of Del Mar Plaza and represent the caliber of tenants we are handpicking to elevate the overall experience.” Brutten emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the needs and interests of the community by offering a captivating mix of local retail, restaurants, fitness facilities, beauty services, public art, and events.

The revitalization efforts at Del Mar Plaza, spearheaded by Brixton Capital since its purchase of the center, have already brought in new tenants such as Kini Coffee, Paris en Rose Cafe, and the gelateria An’s Hatmakers. Additionally, the upper patio has been expanded into the Ocean View Deck, providing visitors with breathtaking views of the ocean while they enjoy their dining experience.

The arrival of Valley Farm Market and The Cottage in spring/summer 2024 will further enhance the offerings at Del Mar Plaza. With a focus on providing neighborhood-serving goods and services, world-class dining, and engaging events, the plaza is set to continue its transformation into a vibrant and dynamic destination for both locals and visitors. Whether it’s shopping for gourmet ingredients, enjoying a delightful breakfast, or simply soaking in the atmosphere, Del Mar Plaza promises to deliver an elevated and memorable experience.

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