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DCC hires new vice president of finance and administration

by Paul Morgan

Danville Community College has recently announced the appointment of Carl B. Smalls as the new Vice President of Finance and Administration. This important position will see Smalls take on significant responsibilities within the college and contribute to its overall financial management.

Smalls joins Danville Community College with a wealth of experience in the field of business administration and inclusion. For the past seven years, he has been an Associate Professor of Business Administration and Coordinator of Inclusion for Impact at Guilford Technical Community College. During his time there, Smalls has made significant contributions to the college’s efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Prior to his role at Guilford Technical Community College, Smalls held various leadership positions. He served as the President, CEO, and Founding Partner of Morgan Smalls Sports Consultants, LLC. This role allowed him to utilize his expertise in business management and consulting to assist athletes and sports organizations in achieving their goals.

Additionally, Smalls also served as the Director of the Small Business Center and Incubator at Piedmont Community College. In this capacity, he was responsible for fostering the growth and development of small businesses in the region. Through his leadership, numerous entrepreneurs and startups received valuable support and guidance, contributing to the local economy.

Originally from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Smalls brings a deep understanding of the local community and its needs. This familiarity will undoubtedly aid him in his new role at Danville Community College. His extensive experience and proven track record make him an ideal fit for the position of Vice President of Finance and Administration.

With his first day on the job being this Monday, Smalls is ready to hit the ground running. His appointment comes at a crucial time for the college, as it continues to navigate the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic and seeks to provide the best possible education for its students.

The addition of Carl B. Smalls to the leadership team of Danville Community College is a significant development that will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of the institution. With his expertise in finance and administration, combined with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, Smalls is poised to make a positive impact on both the college and its community.

As Danville Community College looks towards the future, the appointment of Carl B. Smalls signals a commitment to excellence in financial management and a dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all students and staff. With his leadership, the college is well-positioned to overcome challenges and achieve its goals in the years to come.

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