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Crypto-Orphan Transactions: Onchainpay Shows the Way

by Janine Lindsey

Onchainpay, a crypto payment platform, has been making waves in the industry with its recurrent crypto payments solution. However, the company has recently introduced a new product that is set to revolutionize the way crypto acquiring works – Crypto-Orphan Transactions.

Before delving into Onchainpay’s solution, let’s first understand what an orphan transaction is in the world of crypto acquiring. In the blockchain, orphan blocks are mined simultaneously, but only one of these blocks becomes part of the blockchain while the others become orphaned. However, in crypto payments, an orphan transaction refers to a situation where a payer sends the wrong token/coin or sends it to the wrong network. This can cause confusion and complications, especially when the recipient is expecting a specific transaction.

One common example of an orphan transaction is when users on the TRON network mistakenly send TRX instead of USDT. These errors are often observed among TronLink wallet users and can be a headache to rectify.

Traditional problem-solving processes for orphan transactions can take months, and customer support doesn’t always guarantee a successful outcome. This is where Onchainpay’s Crypto-Orphan Transactions solution comes into play.

The key feature of this solution is its automation. The whole process of refunding tokens/coins is automated, eliminating the need for lengthy correspondence with customer support. With Onchainpay’s solution, users can rescue transactions involving the wrong coin or token, with the entire procedure being completely automated.

One-click solutions and instant withdrawal are also key components of Onchainpay’s Crypto-Orphan Transactions solution. Users can simply click a button in their seller’s account to initiate the withdrawal process for the orphan transaction. The system then sends a webhook containing information about the transaction and its presumed destination. This allows the payer to quickly reach out to the seller, and on average, the funds are returned within an hour.

Onchainpay encourages interested parties to visit their official website and familiarize themselves with the Crypto-Orphan Transaction solution. By using this solution, users can save time and money, avoiding the frustrating process of dealing with orphan transactions.

In conclusion, Onchainpay’s Crypto-Orphan Transactions solution is set to revolutionize the way orphan transactions are handled in the crypto acquiring industry. By automating the refund process and simplifying the withdrawal procedure, Onchainpay aims to eliminate the frustrations associated with orphan transactions. With this innovative solution, users can confidently make crypto payments without the fear of making mistakes and having to go through lengthy customer support processes.

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