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Crypto Analysts That Failed to Predict Bitcoin Price in September

by Janine Lindsey

Two crypto analysts recently failed to accurately predict the crypto market in September, specifically regarding the price of Bitcoin (BTC). While these analysts are well-known in the industry, their predictions did not come to fruition, highlighting the challenges of timing and predicting market movements.

One of the analysts, Tradermayne, tweeted a Bitcoin chart on September 15, showing the price deviating below the $25,250 area before reclaiming it. This deviation and subsequent reclamation were expected to lead to a significant price increase, especially when considering the bullish signs in the monthly and weekly timeframes. Initially, the price did increase, but it failed to break out from a descending resistance trendline. Instead, the price was rejected on September 19 and has since fallen. This indicates a bearish trend in the short term until the price breaks out from the trendline.

Another analyst, TheTradingHubb, utilized Elliott Wave theory to predict a price decrease in mid-September after reaching a high near $26,200. Elliott Wave theory is a technical analysis approach that studies recurring long-term price patterns and investor psychology to determine trends. According to TheTradingHubb’s proposed count, BTC was expected to fall below its September 11 lows after reaching the local top. However, the price reached a high of $27,230 instead and then fell to validate the $26,000 horizontal support area. This invalidated the previous assumption of a corrective structure and introduced the possibility of a new upward movement.

The correct outlook will depend on whether the price breaks down below the $26,000 area, continues its ascent, and breaks out from the descending resistance trendline. These developments will determine the market’s direction and potential future price movements.

It is important to note that these predictions and analyses serve as examples of financial forecasting in the cryptocurrency market. They do not constitute financial or investment advice. Market conditions are highly volatile and subject to change without notice. Individuals interested in entering the market should conduct their own thorough research and consult with professionals before making any financial decisions.

In conclusion, even experienced and well-regarded crypto analysts can make incorrect predictions in the market. This emphasizes the challenges and uncertainties faced by individuals attempting to time or forecast market movements accurately.

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