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Construction starts soon on $29.7M Environmental Services Center in Roseville

by Paul Morgan

Ramsey County is making strides towards sustainability with the development of a new environmentally friendly building. The $29.7 million Environmental Services Center, located at 1700 Kent St. in Roseville, will promote sustainable practices and provide a convenient and safe way for residents to dispose of household waste.

Ramsey County Public Health officials emphasize the center’s focus on reuse and recycling, aiming to make it easy for residents to adopt sound environmental practices. Scheduled to open in early 2025, the facility will offer a variety of services, including the safe disposal of household waste projects such as paint, cleaners, pesticides, and herbicides.

A ceremonial groundbreaking for the project is scheduled for October 14th at the project site, which is conveniently located on a transit corridor and accessible from Dale Street and Larpenteur Avenue.

The design of the center, developed by LHB, incorporates several features that align with sustainable principles. The building will feature a covered drive-through drop-off area, space for community education and fix-it clinics, and a “re-use room” where residents can find reusable items free of charge. Architectural images showcase the building adorned with solar panels, surrounded by walking paths, native plants, and equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

Sara Hollie, the director of Ramsey County Public Health, expressed enthusiasm about the facility during a County Board meeting, noting that the design was influenced by feedback from community groups. Hollie added that a significant majority of residents surveyed (68%) believed that the new facility would encourage them to recycle more.

Rae Eden Frank, the deputy director of Ramsey County Public Health, shared that the project drew inspiration from similar facilities in Washington and Hennepin Counties. The county collaborated with real estate consultants to identify a centrally located site for the center, ultimately selecting a county-owned parcel that currently houses public works operations and provides ample space for the new sustainable building.

Funding for the project will come from the county’s Solid Waste Fund, generated through the environmental charges levied on residents’ trash collection bills. To date, approximately $700,000 of the $29.7 million project cost has been expended.

The development of Ramsey County’s environmentally friendly Environmental Services Center highlights the county’s commitment to sustainability and fostering responsible waste management practices. As the county moves closer to breaking ground on this project, residents can look forward to having a go-to place that encourages and supports their efforts to protect the environment.

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