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Clipway secures strategic investment from General Atlantic and Carmignac By Investing.com

by Janessa Lee

In an interesting development within the private equity secondaries market, Clipway, a firm founded by former Ardian senior investor Vincent Gombault, has secured a strategic investment from General Atlantic and Carmignac. This move highlights the increasing interest of these two entities in this emerging market segment.

Clipway is currently in the process of raising capital for its inaugural $4 billion fund. The firm has gained attention within the asset management industry due to its unique technology and data analytics used for investment valuation and oversight. Notably, other major asset management players like Ares, Franklin Templeton, PGIM, Blackstone, and Goldman Sachs are also showing a keen interest in this sector.

Alongside securing funding, Clipway has also brought David Enriquez, a former Rothschild’s merchant bank executive, on board. This recruitment signifies the firm’s intention to strengthen its team with experienced professionals as it establishes itself in the private equity secondaries market.

Meanwhile, Ardian, the former employer of Clipway’s founder Vincent Gombault, is raising approximately $25 billion for a new fund. This move indicates Ardian’s desire to capitalize on the opportunities within this growing market.

Despite encountering challenges with declining assets under management, Carmignac has been actively making strategic investments. Apart from investing in Clipway, it has also invested in UK private equity firm Cap10. However, it’s important to note that Carmignac Patrimoine fund’s performance has been lackluster recently.

General Atlantic, in addition to its investment in Clipway, has been pursuing strategic acquisitions. Most notably, it recently acquired Iron Park. These actions demonstrate both firms’ intentions to diversify their portfolios and explore promising sectors within the broader asset management industry.

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In conclusion, the strategic investment in Clipway by General Atlantic and Carmignac showcases their growing interest in the private equity secondaries market. This investment will likely fuel Clipway’s growth as it raises capital for its first-ever fund. Moreover, the recruitment of experienced professionals and Ardian’s parallel fundraising efforts highlight the significance of this burgeoning market. As Carmignac and General Atlantic continue to make strategic investments, it will be interesting to see how these developments shape the landscape of the asset management industry.

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