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Chairman’s News | Newsroom | The United States Senate Committee on Finance

by Paul Morgan

The Finance Committee met on September 28, 2023 to discuss important nominations that will play a crucial role in the federal government’s finances. One of the nominations being discussed is that of Marjorie Rollinson to be Chief Counsel at the IRS.

The Chief Counsel’s office is responsible for ensuring that the IRS is implementing tax laws correctly. It is a position of great importance, and Marjorie Rollinson is a highly qualified nominee. With decades of tax and management experience in both the public and private sectors, including several years at the Office of the Chief Counsel, Rollinson is well-equipped for the role. If confirmed, she would be the first woman to serve as Chief Counsel.

The IRS is currently working on issuing guidance related to the Inflation Reduction Act, and having a confirmed Chief Counsel will ensure that this work is carried out accurately.

The Chief Counsel’s office also plays a crucial role in the IRS’ efforts to shift its focus from auditing low-income and middle-class Americans to more complex pass-throughs and wealthy individuals. The tax code is designed to ensure that working Americans automatically comply with tax laws through payroll, while the wealthy often use complex structures to avoid paying taxes. It is expected that the Chief Counsel will provide support for the agency’s efforts to focus on these billion-dollar partnerships and ensure that the legal strategy is sound.

While Democrats and Republicans may have differing views on how the IRS should operate, the position of Chief Counsel has historically received bipartisan support. It is hoped that this bipartisan support will continue with Marjorie Rollinson’s nomination, just as it did with the previous Chief Counsel, Michael Desmond.

In addition to the nomination of Marjorie Rollinson, the Finance Committee was also discussing the appointment of two public trustees to the Board of Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Fund. The public trustees represent the American people and ensure that their voices and views are reflected in the Board’s annual reports to Congress.

The Board of Trustees has been without public trustees for over eight years, and it is important to nominate new public trustees to bring fresh perspectives to the Board. The two nominees brought before the committee are Tricia Neuman and Demetrios Kouzoukas.

Tricia Neuman is a well-known figure in Medicare policy and finances, having served as a longtime leader at the Kaiser Family Foundation. She has extensive experience and has been interviewed for her insights on health care policy. Demetrios Kouzoukas has served in various roles in both the public and private sectors, with extensive experience in federal health programs.

Both nominees have the necessary experience to represent the public and ensure the integrity of the Board’s reports. It is important to note that this role requires prioritizing the public interest over personal interests and financial relationships.

The Finance Committee recognizes the importance of the financial future of Social Security and Medicare. The work that will be done by the public trustees is crucial in protecting and strengthening these earned benefits for the American people.

Overall, the nominations being discussed by the Finance Committee are instrumental in ensuring the proper functioning of the federal government’s finances. The qualifications and experiences of the nominees indicate that they are well-suited for the roles they have been nominated for. It is hoped that the nominations will receive bipartisan support, as these positions are crucial in safeguarding the interests of the American people.

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