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Celebrating refugee community in Nashville with food: InterNASHonal night market

by Clarence Jones

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) recently hosted an event called the InterNASHonal Night Market in Nashville. The market showcased 20 local international restaurants owned by immigrants and refugees, allowing guests to experience a diverse range of cuisines and cultures.

The goal of the event, according to TIRRC’s executive director Lisa Sherman Luna, was to highlight the vibrant immigrant and refugee community in Nashville and introduce attendees to new favorite restaurants. By doing so, TIRRC aimed to promote inclusivity and create a more welcoming environment in Tennessee where everyone feels like they belong.

The InterNASHonal Night Market was a cross-cultural celebration that brought together people from different backgrounds. It provided an opportunity for attendees to learn about the diverse traditions, customs, and flavors that immigrants and refugees contribute to the local community.

In addition to the night market, TIRRC has other upcoming events that continue to promote cultural exchange. In October, they will be celebrating the fashion and food of the African diaspora, featuring countries like Somalia, Colombia, and Ethiopia, among others. The Diaspora Fashion Show is set to be an exciting event that showcases the richness and beauty of African culture.

TIRRC’s mission is to create a stronger and more inclusive Tennessee by embracing people of all nationalities, immigration statuses, and racial identities. Through their various events and initiatives, TIRRC aims to foster understanding, appreciation, and respect for different cultures, ultimately building a more united and diverse community.

If you missed the InterNASHonal Night Market, there are still plenty of opportunities to engage with TIRRC and experience the cultural offerings they promote. Their upcoming events provide a chance to explore different aspects of global heritage and expand one’s understanding of diverse communities.

By attending these events, not only do you get to savor delicious international cuisines or marvel at stunning fashion designs, but you also contribute to the growth and acceptance of the immigrant and refugee population in Tennessee. It is through these interactions and celebrations of diversity that we create a society that truly values and embraces the richness of all its members.

So, mark your calendars and join TIRRC in their mission to foster inclusivity and create a more vibrant and welcoming Tennessee. Attend their upcoming events, celebrate different cultures, and support the immigrant and refugee-owned businesses that contribute so greatly to our communities.

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