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Businesses will learn about unemployment insurance benefits at Sept. 27 seminar

by Cedric Guzman

Idaho Department of Labor Offers Free Zoom Seminar on Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Businesses

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Department of Labor is hosting a free Zoom seminar on Wednesday, Sept. 27, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. (MDT) to provide businesses and employers with valuable information about unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. The seminar aims to educate participants on the claim filing process, handling situations when a claimant leaves or is terminated, and strategies for protecting their accounts from charges.

The event will feature UI Supervisor Salvador Martinez and UI Claims Adjudicator Wesley Jones, who will share their expertise and insights on the topic. By attending this seminar, businesses can gain a better understanding of how their tax dollars are utilized and learn how to navigate various UI-related scenarios. Martinez remarks, “It’s another way to keep our work transparent to everyone we serve.”

To ensure access to the seminar, interested participants can register on the provided link in the article. This informative session marks the fifth employer seminar in a year-long series of webinars organized by the Idaho Department of Labor for the benefit of businesses. The department’s dedication to hosting these seminars underscores its commitment to supporting businesses and employers throughout the state.

The final seminar for the year is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 29, and will focus on unemployment insurance tax compliance. This upcoming event will provide essential information to help businesses remain compliant with UI tax regulations and guidelines.

Businesses can find more information about these seminars and other upcoming events on the Idaho Department of Labor’s calendar of events. Additionally, for any queries or further details, interested individuals can contact Kandi Rudd at Kandi.Rudd@labor.idaho.gov or call 208-236-6710 extension 3677.

The Idaho Department of Labor aims to be a valuable resource for businesses and employers, providing guidance and support in navigating the complexities of unemployment insurance. By organizing these webinars, the department continues its mission of fostering understanding and cooperation between businesses and, ultimately, contributing to the overall growth and development of Idaho’s economy.

In conclusion, businesses and employers in Idaho are encouraged to take advantage of this free Zoom seminar on unemployment insurance benefits hosted by the Idaho Department of Labor. By participating, businesses can enhance their knowledge and familiarity with the UI system, enabling them to make informed decisions and effectively respond to various situations. With the department’s commitment to transparency and its resourceful initiatives, Idaho’s businesses can thrive with the support and guidance provided by the Idaho Department of Labor.

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