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Business leaders are hopeful soybean plant will drive economic engine for Mitchell – Mitchell Republic

by Stella Morgan

Mitchell, South Dakota, is experiencing a boost in commercial building construction this year, thanks to the upcoming opening of a new soybean processing facility. The $500 million High Plains Processing plant is expected to have a significant impact on business growth in the area, similar to what happened when Cabela’s came to the city in the early 2000s.

David Lambert, the Regional Development Director of the Mitchell Area Development Corporation, believes that the construction and opening of the soybean plant will lead to increased development in Mitchell. This includes the growth of restaurants, hotels, and housing, which are essential for the city’s expansion. Lambert predicts that this development will help overcome the city’s previous stagnation in population, which has remained at around 15,000 residents for several years.

According to building permit data from the city of Mitchell, there have been 149 building permits taken out for projects totaling $70.2 million so far in 2023. This figure includes remodeling and demolition projects. Even without the presence of the $36 million Mitchell High School building project, there has still been an increase of $5.2 million in permitted projects compared to 2022.

Several large-scale projects have been permitted in Mitchell this year, with seven projects valued at over $1 million. Four of these projects are located in the city’s main commercial district off Interstate 90, south of the intersection of Havens Avenue and Burr Street. Some notable projects include the construction of My Place Hotel, Plains Commerce Bank, Les Schwab Tire Center, and Menards Self Storage.

The addition of Oregon-based Les Schwab Tires and My Place Hotels to Mitchell’s commercial landscape indicates increasing momentum in the city. Lambert believes that the High Plains Processing plant will also have a positive impact on the surrounding bedroom communities. He has received inquiries about building car washes and new restaurants and believes that these kinds of projects contribute to the region’s overall growth.

Overall, Mitchell is experiencing a prosperous year for commercial building construction, fueled by the anticipation of the High Plains Processing plant. Local leaders have high hopes for the economic growth and development that will come as a result. The future looks bright for Mitchell, South Dakota.

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