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Business expo draws local business owners, customers | Local News

by Stella Morgan

The Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo was held on Tuesday, attracting a large number of visitors from the local community. With 153 vendors offering a wide variety of products and services, the expo provided an opportunity for customers to discover new businesses and for businesses to network with each other.

One attendee, Martha Kersh, expressed her excitement about the event, stating that she attends every year to see if there are any new restaurants she hasn’t tried. Kersh also mentioned that the free food samples at the expo are one of the main reasons she attends. In fact, 15 restaurants were participating in the expo, providing visitors with a chance to taste their offerings.

Beth Morrison, the vice president for member services at the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce, explained that the purpose of the expo is to connect customers with local businesses and facilitate networking among businesses. She emphasized the importance of building connections and understanding the workings of local businesses, as opposed to simply driving by without really knowing what goes on inside.

The vendors at the expo were diverse, ranging from nonprofit organizations to gyms and martial arts studios to local government agencies and major corporations. This variety allowed attendees to explore different sectors and gain exposure to various industries.

Margaret Thigpen, the director of tourism for the Dalton Convention Center, expressed her excitement about the large turnout at the expo, especially given that most visitors to the center are typically from outside the community. Thigpen emphasized the importance of having the local community frequent the convention center and engage with the various vendors.

Drew Hooper, the co-owner of Kuzushi Club, a martial arts studio, shared his positive experience at the expo. He mentioned that he had already received a few leads from people who were previously unaware of his studio but had shown interest in trying out their classes. Hooper saw the expo as an opportunity to fellowship with other business owners and promote his studio to a wider audience.

One first-time expo attendee, Tom Swafford, expressed his satisfaction with the event. He utilized his lunch break to attend the expo and sampled food from several different restaurants. Swafford also mentioned that he discovered new businesses and learned about services he hadn’t been aware of before.

Representatives from the Latin American Association, Rafael Huerta and Karyn Rodriguez, were also present at the expo, showcasing the services they offer in Dalton. The association provides assistance in areas such as family well-being, immigration, economic empowerment, and youth services. Huerta highlighted the importance of events like the expo in reaching out to people who may not be aware of the organization and its services.

Overall, the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce Business Expo proved to be a successful event, providing the local community with an opportunity to discover new businesses, sample delicious foods, and connect with various vendors. The event strengthened the local business community and served as a platform for networking and collaboration among businesses.

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