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Bethany Hall-Long’s campaign finance reports undergoing review

by Paul Morgan

Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, who is running for Delaware governor in 2024, has recently announced that she is conducting an audit of her past campaign finance reports due to potential reporting issues that require attention. Hall-Long, who has been involved in Delaware politics for many years and has been serving as lieutenant governor since 2016, stated that she initiated the audit after requesting a review of her campaign finance reports and learning about possible issues.

To ensure a comprehensive examination of her finances, Hall-Long is working with independent campaign finance experts and forensic accountants. In a statement, she explained that she released this information after receiving inquiries from friends and constituents regarding the status of her campaign. However, the lieutenant governor did not disclose the specific years that are under review.

Interestingly, Hall-Long’s husband, Dana Long, served as her campaign treasurer for her previous fundraising committee, as documented in Delaware’s Campaign Finance Reporting System. He held this position from January 25, 2021, to May 2, 2023. Dana Long has not been without controversy in the past. In 2014, while Hall-Long was a state senator, it was revealed that her husband had stolen Republican political signs. Additionally, he faced allegations of abuse of power during his tenure as a housing inspector for New Castle County. Despite these incidents, Hall-Long defended her husband against the accusations.

Since May 2, 2023, Allison Murray, a partner at CFO Compliance, has assumed the role of treasurer for Hall-Long’s campaign. CFO Compliance is a firm specializing in state and local candidate compliance, particularly for Democratic candidates. This strategic move ensures that Hall-Long’s campaign finances are managed by experienced professionals in the field.

It is worth noting that Hall-Long has canceled two recent fundraisers, as documented in emails obtained by Delaware Online/The News Journal. One of these events was supposed to be hosted by Gov. John Carney, who swiftly offered his endorsement when Hall-Long announced her candidacy. Her campaign’s current status, including whether it is suspended and whether she is currently accepting donations, remains unclear. Moreover, there have been no updates on her campaign Facebook page since September 15.

Hall-Long emphasized her commitment to public integrity and transparency throughout her campaign and expressed her anticipation for the audit results, stating that any necessary amendments to her reports would be made. However, neither Hall-Long nor her campaign and lieutenant governor spokeswomen were available for immediate comment.

As Hall-Long’s gubernatorial campaign progresses, the audit of her campaign finance reports will shed light on any potential issues and ensure accountability in her financial operations. Ultimately, the lieutenant governor’s dedication to public integrity and transparency will undoubtedly be central to her campaign moving forward.

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