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BBB: Tips to help with increasing car insurance rates | Business

by Cedric Guzman

Car Insurance Rates Surge Due to Various Factors

Are you one of those people who dread opening their car insurance renewal notice? Well, you’re not alone. Car insurance costs have seen a staggering increase of 19 percent in the last year, making it the largest surge since 1976. This information comes from the August Consumer Price Index (CPI), which highlights the various factors contributing to this rise in premiums. From vehicle repair costs to an increase in vehicle theft incidents, several elements are to blame for this trend.

One of the main reasons behind the increase in car insurance premiums is the escalating cost of vehicle repairs. Newer vehicles come equipped with advanced technologies, requiring more expensive parts and professionals to fix them. The CPI reports that car repair costs have risen by nearly 17 percent, adding to the overall surge in insurance rates.

Rising medical costs also play a role in the spike of car insurance premiums. As healthcare costs continue to rise, insurers have to adjust their rates to meet their financial obligations. Hospital and hospital-related services have shown an increase of 3.5 percent, further impacting the cost of insurance.

Moreover, near-record levels of vehicle theft are another reason for the rising insurance costs. Last year alone, over 1 million vehicle theft incidents were reported, surpassing the one-million mark for the first time since 2008. Texas is one of the states with the highest increase in vehicle thefts.

While there might not be much control over the escalating costs of vehicle repairs or medical expenses, there are actions individuals can take to potentially lower their insurance premiums. Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB Central East Texas, suggests a few measures that might help in reducing insurance rates.

Maintaining a clean driving record is one way to potentially decrease insurance premiums. Insurance companies usually reward safe drivers by offering lower rates. Having a record free of accidents, traffic violations, and insurance claims categorizes individuals as “low-risk” and can earn them a lower rate.

Additionally, individuals can inquire about potential discounts from their insurance company. Some insurers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with anti-theft devices, such as alarms or tracking systems. Other safety features like immobilizer systems or theft-prevention equipment may also qualify for discounts.

Bundling multiple policies may also result in savings. If individuals have other types of insurance, having one company manage all of them can lead to lower costs.

Shopping around is highly recommended when it comes to insurance. Different companies have varying pricing models, making it crucial to compare quotes from multiple providers to find the most competitive rate.

It’s important to note that insurance rates can vary significantly based on factors such as location, the type of vehicle driven, and other personal circumstances. Regularly reviewing and updating policies, shopping for competitive quotes, and seeking trustworthy businesses through resources like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can help individuals find the most suitable coverage for their needs.

In conclusion, the surge in car insurance rates is a result of several factors, including escalating vehicle repair costs, rising medical expenses, and a significant increase in vehicle theft incidents. While individuals may not have much control over these external factors, taking proactive steps such as maintaining a clean driving record, exploring discounts, bundling policies, and shopping around can potentially lead to lower insurance premiums. It is essential to stay informed and updated on policy changes and seek reliable resources like the BBB to find trusted insurance providers.

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