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Bank of America Says Raft of Commercial Mortgage Bond Ratings Slashed

by Joshua Garcia

In a surprising turn of events, credit ratings for a significant number of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) were downgraded last week. According to strategists at Bank of America Corp., this is the highest number of downgrades seen in recent memory.

The data provided by the bank reveals that a total of 121 tranches from 40 deals had their credit ratings cut. These downgrades are largely connected to Fitch Ratings’ ongoing review of the CMBS bond market. Fitch Ratings has either downgraded or issued warnings about underperforming offices, retail locations, and hospitality properties or portfolios.

The impact of these downgrades is evident when looking at the numbers. In September alone, Bank of America has already observed 188 bond downgrades, while there have only been 15 upgrades. This alarming trend indicates a significant deterioration in the creditworthiness of these CMBS.

The repercussions of these downgrades on the CMBS market and commercial real estate industry in general could be substantial. Lower credit ratings can lead to increased borrowing costs, reduced investor interest, and liquidity challenges for property owners and developers. It also highlights the vulnerabilities in specific sectors such as offices, retail, and hospitality, which have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The downgrades by Fitch Ratings are a clear signal that these sectors are struggling and may continue to face challenges in the foreseeable future. The pandemic has had a profound impact on consumer behavior, with remote work, online shopping, and travel restrictions significantly affecting the demand for office, retail, and hospitality spaces.

As the pandemic persists, property owners and investors in these sectors will need to navigate these challenging times carefully. Adapting to changing consumer expectations and finding new ways to generate income will be critical for survival and recovery. Additionally, lenders and investors will need to reassess their risk tolerance and adapt their strategies accordingly.

While the downgrades may paint a gloomy picture, there may also be opportunities for savvy investors who can identify undervalued assets and take advantage of potential market dislocations. Distressed properties or distressed debt associated with these downgraded CMBS may present opportunities for those willing to take on the associated risks.

Nevertheless, the CMBS market and commercial real estate industry will need significant support and resilience to weather the storm. Continued government assistance, flexible financing options, and innovative business strategies will be key in mitigating the impact of these downgrades and ensuring a sustainable recovery.

Overall, the recent wave of credit rating downgrades on commercial mortgage-backed securities is concerning. It reflects the ongoing challenges faced by the CMBS market and certain sectors of the commercial real estate industry. As the situation evolves, market participants will need to closely monitor developments and adapt their strategies to navigate these uncertain times.

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