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Allspring Global Investments™, a prominent independent global asset management firm, has unveiled its custom separately managed account (SMA) portal for financial advisors. The portal is an extension of Allspring’s Remi interface, a cutting-edge platform that allows financial advisors to tailor portfolios to their clients’ specific needs.

By inputting client preferences and objectives into the portal, financial advisors receive personalized investment proposals that align with their clients’ financial goals, risk profiles, and tax considerations. The Remi platform offers a wide range of investment strategies across different asset classes, enabling multiple accounts per strategy. These portfolios are customized and tax-managed to meet clients’ objectives.

The platform supports both active and passive strategies, covering municipal bonds, taxable fixed income, and equities. Additionally, Remi’s direct indexing capabilities offer several indexes with various customization options, including large core, large blend, and large value.

“Custom SMAs and direct indexing are currently among the fastest-growing investment products. Remi provides financial advisors and their clients with a fully customizable platform that incorporates holistic tax management and a simplified transition process,” stated Manju Boraiah, the head of Systematic Edge Fixed Income and Custom SMA Investments at Allspring. Boraiah also emphasized that the online portal is just one of the many benefits made possible by Remi’s cloud technology, and wealth managers can now request transition portfolio proposals for all Remi strategies.

Remi’s comprehensive analysis equips advisors with a complete picture of portfolio options, enabling them to transition legacy portfolios to bespoke solutions in a risk-aware and tax-efficient manner. This is particularly significant in the current wealth management landscape, as an estimated $84 trillion is projected to be transferred from elder generations to beneficiaries and charities.

Allspring’s custom SMAs and direct indexing capabilities can be accessed through various broker-dealers, RIA platforms, and TAMPs. These offerings are continually expanding and becoming more widely available across the wealth management industry.

To learn more about Allspring’s custom SMA portal and its other investment capabilities, interested parties can visit the Allspring website and click on “meet your dedicated SMA specialist.”

About Allspring Global Investments:

Allspring Global Investments™ is an independent asset management firm with over $547 billion in assets under advisement. With more than 20 offices worldwide and a team of over 460 investment professionals, Allspring is committed to thoughtful investing, purposeful planning, and inspiring a new era of investing that seeks both financial returns and positive outcomes. For more information about Allspring, please visit www.allspringglobal.com.

Disclaimer: All investing comes with its inherent risks, including the potential loss of principal. While Allspring Global Investments aims to provide successful investment strategies, there is no assurance that any specific approach will be effective. Investments are subject to fluctuation based on market and economic conditions, as well as other unpredictable factors.

Each asset class carries its own set of risks and returns. Subadvisory services are provided by Allspring Global Investments, LLC, a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Allspring Global Investments Holdings, LLC. Allspring Global Investments does not offer accounting, legal, or tax advice, nor does it provide investment recommendations. Any tax or legal information in this article is a summary of our understanding and interpretation of current income tax regulations, and it is not exhaustive. Investors should consult their tax advisor or legal counsel for advice and information pertaining to their individual circumstances.

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