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A Towering Addition is coming to UCF’s FBC Mortgage Stadium — KnightNews.com

by Joshua Garcia

The home of the UCF Knights football team, FBC Mortgage Stadium, is set to undergo a major transformation with a $90 million tower addition. The Orange County Board of County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve the project, which will be funded by excess revenues from the Tourist Development Tax over a period of nine years, beginning in 2025.

The decision to invest in this expansion is seen as a testament to the belief and support the community has for UCF and its athletics program. Mayor Jerry L. Demings expressed his satisfaction with the decision, stating, “This is my home, and I feel good about the decisions made that will translate to investments in our community.” He further emphasized that the Board of County Commission’s approval signifies their belief in and commitment to the community.

With UCF’s recent move to the BIG 12 conference, this upgrade to FBC Mortgage Stadium is a timely and exciting development. The addition of the tower will elevate the stadium to a premier level, providing an enhanced experience for fans and players alike.

The tower addition will not only add aesthetic appeal but also contribute to the overall functionality of the stadium. The increased capacity will allow for more spectators to enjoy games and events, further solidifying UCF’s position as a prominent sports destination. This investment reflects the university’s commitment to providing a top-notch facility for its athletes and fans.

The approval of this project showcases the continued growth and progress of UCF and its football program. The university’s move to the BIG 12 conference, coupled with this stadium expansion, highlights the determination to compete at the highest level and attract top-tier talent. The improved infrastructure will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the team’s performance, as well as create a vibrant atmosphere for the fans to cheer on their Knights.

As the tower addition moves forward, excitement builds among UCF supporters and the local community. The completion of this project will not only enhance the stadium but also stimulate economic growth and tourism in the area. It is yet another milestone for UCF, solidifying its position as a powerhouse in collegiate athletics.

The UCF Knights football team, known for its passionate fan base and strong performance on the field, is about to receive a significant upgrade to its home stadium. With the approval of the $90 million tower addition to FBC Mortgage Stadium, UCF is setting its sights even higher and signaling its commitment to excellence both on and off the field. The future looks bright for UCF football and the entire community that supports it.

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