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4 arrested in insurance fraud scheme in Miami-Dade County

by Cedric Guzman

Four individuals have been arrested in Miami for their involvement in filing multiple fraudulent insurance claims, according to a statement released by the Department of Financial Services. The suspects, including two licensed public adjusters, an individual posing as a public adjuster, and the owner of a mold remediation company, allegedly attempted to defraud a 94-year-old homeowner out of over $57,000 through falsified claims made to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

The accused individuals, Miguel Angel Roche and Kevin Gras, who are licensed public adjusters, along with Adolfo Jose Diaz Alfonso, an unlicensed public adjuster, and Yolett Ernestina Moreno Reina, owner of Never Mold, LLC, worked together to fabricate a scenario in which the homeowner’s air conditioner and kitchen had suffered mold and water damage. This false premise was used to deceive the homeowner into believing that a free home inspection was being conducted to assist her. However, unbeknownst to the homeowner, her signature and identity were misused to file a homeowner’s insurance claim for a property that was not damaged.

The CFO’s Division of Investigative and Forensic Services (DIFS), Bureau of Insurance Fraud initiated an investigation after receiving a tip from Citizens. The investigation subsequently led to the arrests of the four suspects.

Roche, Gras, Diaz Alfonso, and Moreno Reina now face multiple charges, including exploitation of the elderly, organized fraud, insurance fraud, grand theft, and identity theft. If convicted on all charges, they could be sentenced to 15 to 85 years in prison.

Insurance fraud is a serious offense that not only costs insurance companies significant amounts of money but also affects honest policyholders who end up footing the bill through increased premiums. It is essential for law enforcement agencies and insurance companies to work together to detect and prevent such fraudulent activities.

Cases like this highlight the importance of staying vigilant and cautious when dealing with insurance claims and individuals offering their services as public adjusters. It is crucial to thoroughly research and verify the credentials of any professionals involved in handling insurance claims and to report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.

As for the 94-year-old homeowner, it is unfortunate that she fell victim to this fraudulent scheme. Steps must be taken to ensure that she receives the support she needs and that justice is served for the crimes committed against her.

This arrest serves as a reminder that insurance fraud will not be tolerated, and those who engage in such illegal activities will face severe consequences. By continuing to crack down on insurance fraud, authorities can protect innocent individuals and maintain the integrity of the insurance industry.

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