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2023 Mothman Festival summons economic boom for Point Pleasant

by Stella Morgan

The annual Mothman Festival is set to take place this weekend in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and it is already drawing in crowds from all over the country and even internationally. Event organizers estimate that there could be up to 15,000 visitors in town over the weekend. People have traveled from Massachusetts, Iowa, California, Washington State, and even England to attend this festival dedicated to West Virginia’s small-town cryptid, the Mothman.

While the official festivities are scheduled to begin on Saturday, the community kicked things off on Friday with a showing of “The Mothman Prophecies” at the Mason County Fairground. Tourists took advantage of the early start and were already exploring the town, taking pictures with the famous Mothman Statue, visiting the Mothman Museum, and checking out the local small businesses along Main Street to find unique Mothman merchandise.

Last year, the festival brought in approximately $2 million to the town, according to Director of Main Street, Chris Rizer. Organizers anticipate a similar economic impact this year. The festival offers a wide range of activities and attractions, including live music, guest speakers, food trucks, vendors, and even cosplay.

For many visitors, like Juan Tejaba Pratt, this is their first time attending the Mothman Festival. Pratt and his family were eager to experience the event, taking days off from work to make the trip. The allure and mystery of the Mothman legend are what entice many festival-goers. Local folklore and the charm of the town also play a significant role in attracting visitors.

Residents of Point Pleasant enjoy the festival as well, welcoming tourists and sharing the town’s charm, history, and local lore. The festival put the town on the map and brings a sense of pride to the community. Locals appreciate the economic impact that the festival brings but warn visitors that parking on Saturday could be challenging. They recommend arriving early in the morning to secure a spot.

The Historic Lowe Hotel in Point Pleasant is fully booked for the weekend, according to its manager. It is the only hotel in town and sells out every year during the festival. Hotels across the river in Gallipolis, Ohio, are also fully booked. The closest hotel with available rooms is in Barboursville, West Virginia.

The Mothman Festival is undoubtedly a hit, with attendees eagerly looking forward to it months in advance or even since the previous year’s event. The festival not only offers fun and entertainment but also sheds light on the history and mystery surrounding the Mothman legend. As visitors flock to Point Pleasant for this annual celebration, the town welcomes them with open arms and eagerly shares its unique charm and stories.

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